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“Hygienepreneur: The Dental Hygienists Guide to Achieving Career Success & Personal Transformation”

Hygienists will learn:
  • How to deliver hospitality-based care to promote the “lifetime” patient.
  • How to instill a feeling of “ownership” in your practice which leads to better clinical outcomes, better case acceptance and more production for the practice
  • How to structure a “triple win” scenario for your patients, the practice and you!
Doctors will learn:
  • How the hygiene department can “carry” the practice and support their doctors.
  • How to create a trickle-down effect that leads to improved practice culture which then leads to a happier, more productive team and an exceptional patient experience.
  • How to create an atmosphere of positivity with less stress in a supportive environment.

"As a clinician, this book has helped me find the confidence I knew I always had!”
“The strategies and tactics covered in this book, if implemented, have the power to significantly up-level any hygiene department no matter where it falls on the spectrum.”