The Hygienepreneur:

Build a "Hygiene
Practice within a Practice”

Traditionally, the hygiene department has been viewed as a “loss leader,” necessary to maintain patient oral health and the doctor’s dentistry... but not any longer. It can actually DRIVE revenue in the practice!

Dental providers are often unsure how to leverage the hygiene department and grow the business. There’s never been a better time to revolutionize this approach!

Tiffany Wuebben, RDH shares proven methods to combat today's dental practice challenges, support patient health, and significantly up-level career satisfaction and the financial success of the practice.

She uses a collaborative approach to developing the mission/vision and patient care protocols for the hygiene-driven practice so you can:

  • Revolutionize your hygiene scheduling with a 100% reappointment rate.
  • Explore the steps to increase capacity through patient advocacy, recall, reactivation, reviews and better patient-practice relationships.
  • Recognize adjunct procedures that boost patient care.
  • Identify empowering practice strategies that transform the hygienist into a true “Hygienepreneur.”
  • Develop the knowledge and skills to build a strong hygiene department leading to better clinical outcomes, greater case acceptance, and a more rewarding career!
  • Highlight the proactive steps that professionals can take to deepen their health and fulfillment.

"Tiffany is a POWERHOUSE and a must-have speaker for your next program or conference!"
Katherine Eitel Belt; CSP Founder/CEO, Lionspeak
"Tiffany stepped on my stage and absolutely rocked it!"
Elijah Desmond, RDH, BS; Founder, Smiles at Sea & The Dental Festival
"Tiffany has the unique ability to share inspiring content and form genuine connections with her audience."
Laura Brenner Studholme, DDS; CEO, Lolabees Career Coaching

Tiffany Speaks at
“Dentistry’s Got Talent”

"Tiffany's presentation was nothing short of powerful and transformative. She is a passionate educator, captivating the audience with her dynamic communication style. She left us inspired and enriched with timeless pearls of wisdom, showcasing the thoroughness of her Hygienepreneur program. Truly, Tiffany is a beacon in the realm of dental education."

Vanessa Emerson, Founder
Dental Speaker Institute & Dental Speakers Bureau

"Tiffany presented and led the hygiene portion of our Elite Team Member seminar. Not only is she very knowledgeable in hygiene protocols, but she is also an expert in patient management and communication.
We enjoyed having Tiffany and are looking forward to working with her in our future courses!"


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Tiffany Wuebben - speaker

Have Tiffany speak at your next event!

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